Thursday, 18 February 2016

Healthy Nails? Health Hoof!

So after the weirdest post title, lets talk about the best nail treatment I have found...
Healthy Hoof, this is an intensive protein treatment for your nails, that was originally used in the horse world and has now been brought into the world of aesthetics 

So long story short, I have stopped getting gel nails, so my nails are absolute garbage right now.. I came across Healthy Hoof a few years ago, actually the last time I decided to stop getting my nails done and forgot about it until now, but let me tell you for anyone who has super weak nails this stuff is amazing. Its a cream that you apply to your nail and cuticle area and because it is a protein treatment it strengthens your nails and moisturizes your cuticles as well - its basically like a hair mask for your nails. This product has a very light lavender scent and absorbs almost instantly, the only thing I would warn you about is not to use it before you paint your nails because the nail polish will not adhere properly, because of the lotion consistency of this nail treatment. 
All in all Healthy Hoof gets a good 10/10 in my books for being a standup nail treatment and my new/old holy grail product. 

If you have tried this product please comment down below and let me know what you think of it as well! 

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