Friday, 12 June 2015

Lush Cosmetics Favourites

Every product I try from Lush, I have fallen in love with... I thought I would share with you guys products that are a staple in my skincare and body care routine though, because honestly I cannot get enough of them.

Flying Fox Shower Gel- The smell of this product is to die for! It has scents of jasmine, ylang ylang and palmarosa oils to give it a nice clean, flowery scent. It also has honey in it to moisturize your skin. I can't go a day without using this and I am sure my skin has become more moisturized since I began to use it... I also use this in the bath as a bubble bath because the scents are very calming! 

Imperialis Facial Moisturizer - this moisturizer is amazing, it's made for combination and picky skin and man does it work. It has lavender infusions to balance the skins oil production, basically this means that dry areas will start to produce more oil so they are not as dry, and oily areas of the face will begin to produce less oil (hello combination skin friends doesn't this sound amazing?) the orange blossom water in the lotion helps to brighten up dull or drab looking areas, and the tiger lily extract helps to tighten pores and reduce blemishes. This is the first moisturizer I have used that actually does what it claims to and anyone with crazy cranky skin like I have should try it! 

Tea Tree Water Toner- this is amazing for oily skin, since I have started using this toner my skin has done a 100% turn around, it is still oily but much less than it was to begin with. Tea tree, juniper berry and grapefruit water are in this formula which helps to balance skin tone, and keep skin looking refreshed. The tea tree reduces redness and clears excess oil. There is no alcohol in this toner, which is great because alcohol is very drying and makes the skin produce more oil. Again my oily skin girls you should try this stuff out! 

Mint Julips Lip Scrub - this is a mint chocolate scented and flavoured lip scrub, living in Canada my skin gets super dry, lips included, this has saved my life. The lip scrub gives a light exfoliation so you have a smooth lip canvas for lipstick or just in general. I love the mint one mostly because of the taste but I have also tried other scents and they are all amazing as well. 

Bath Bombs - for bath bombs I cannot pick just one that I like, I love them all. Every time I go to Lush I'm pretty sure I get like 10 and have never been dissatisfied with one of them, everyone who loves baths and doesn't use these should jump on it right now! 

If you guys have any other products I should try let me know :) 


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  1. I've been using and loving lush as well! Do you like any of their face cleansers? -Christina (chrissywhipped on Instagram)

    1. I have not tried any of the face cleansers yet, I have so many at home I want to use up first.. Skin care hoarding problems lol😩 have you?