Thursday, 30 October 2014

October | Favorites

I Hey loves, 

So I decided to put my up October Favorites post today, because we all know tomorrow is Halloween and between work and all that jazz it's just not gonna happen :) so anyways here are all the products I have been loving for the month of October 

My first favorite of the month is the Glamglow mask. I've heard so many bloggers rave about how good this is, so I thought I would get the sample size and try it out. Holy they were right, you can actually see this mask pulling gunk out of your pores, and it has actually managed to make my skin less oily, so that's a plus too. Even though the full size of this mask is about 70$ I think I am going to have to get it because it's already made such a difference in my skin. 

So I just recently got the Nyx shine killer, since my skin has recently gotten brutal again I've been looking for any products which will keep my skin matte all day and this does w pretty good job. I wear this under foundation usually but if I'm not working I will just wear it on its own to keep my skin matte while I am running errands. I have yet to not like a Nyx product and with how well this primer works this line just keeps impressing me more and more. 

The Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer is by far my favorite shadow primer ever!! It never creases which is awesome and as bad as this is I have woken up and still had my eyeshadow on, I cannot think of another eyeshadow primer that keeps your shadow on over night. It also has a very neutral colour to it so wearing it without shadow works as well because it covers any veins or redness on my eyelids. I would reccomend anyone to try this shadow primer out. It is just beautiful. 

Because who doesn't like any of the naked pallets. I have just recently fallen in love with this pallete again, and the bronze/godly neutral colours are beautiful. I find urban decay does the most pigmented beautiful shadows ever and I have yet to find one that compares to the blend-ability of these shadows. I can not get over how much I have fallen in love with all the urban decay naked pallets
My last one is not makeup or skin related but this joico dry shampoo is quite nice, when you first spray it on its kind of wet but once it drys it works like a charm.And  guess what, it smells amazeballs 

Alright ladies, I hope you liked the products I picked for October, and everyone have a fun and safe Halloween 


Thursday, 23 October 2014

October Ipsy Glam Bag | Review

Hello Loves,

So I got my October Ipsy Glam Bag about a week ago and I thought I would share it with you! So far I have been quite impressed with my Ipsy Glam Bags and I don't think there has been a product in them that I have no really cared for, I have basically loved everything. Thanks Ipsy! But without further a due,

Excuse the garbage lighting but in this bag I got products from Jessie's Girl, Skyn Iceland, Figs & Rouge, I Envy - Kiss, and City Colour.

The first picture is the City Colour Be Matte Lipstick in shade M7 Cappuccino, this lipstick is quite pigmented, and applies pretty smooth which is nice but its quite drying. Also for a nude with a quite strong browny undertone it actually isn't too bad on my fair skin, so I quite like this product. Im not sure if I would buy it on my own because I'm not a big fan of matte lipsticks because I do find them drying without a gloss over top but I'll probably continue to use this anyways because I don't mind the colour at all :)

This is the Jessie's Girl Mineralized Baked Powder in Plum Frost, the top swatch is the shadow used with a dry brush and the bottom swatch is with a damp brush to see the pigment differences. I quite like this shadow when used with a damp brush because it has so much pigment and it is quite shimmery which I like a lot for my lid colour. The reason I don't use this shadow dry is because it doesn't have enough pigment to get the looks I like which are more dramatic lid colours, but using it wet works perfectly. Im actually growing really fond of the Jessie's Girl line!

I have used these lashes once so far, and I have to say I love them! I can barely notice when I wear them because they are so light, and because I don't wear lashes often anymore whenever I wear them I tend to notice for the first few hours because my eyelids do feel heavier, but with these lashes I didn't even know I was wearing them! Once I find out where to buy this brand I will for sure have to get more different styles of them!

 This hand cream by Figs & Rouge is hands down my favourite hand cream right now (see what I did there?) The scent is rose berry which is very light and clean smelling. The fact that it isn't very strongly scented is good for me because my skin is so sensitive that any strongly scented products give me a rash (ew!) so I've gotta stay away from them. This lotion isn't greasy at all and it seems to absorb into the hands almost instantly, which I love. It is also very moisturizing which is great for me because as a hairstylist my hands are in water all day every day which leads to very dry skin and this tends to help a lot. Figs & Rouge, you make beautiful products!

Last but not least Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Clothes, these wipes literally take off all your makeup, I tend to use them after work because by the end of the day all I want to do is take my makeup off before I go home to wash my face (granted this is only if I don't have plans haha) but i find these wipes do a great job of removing makeup and oil from my face so i feel much fresher and awake leaving work and when I get home I don't have to worry about removing my makeup before I wash my face because its already done for me! These are basically like washing your full face without the use of water, its fantastic.

Well loves, as you can see I was quite fond of my Ipsy Glambag this month! I should have another haul/review up for you soon, so stay keep posted!


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Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hello lovelys,

So I thought considering this is my first beauty blog, I should probably introduce myself; my name is Christina and I'm from Calgary, Canada.

I am a hairstylist currently and hoping to go to Blanche Macdonald for makeup next summer but right now I enjoy playing around with makeup and trying new products and all that jazz. The fashion and beauty industry has always been so interesting to me and starting out with hair dressing has made me realize all the places this industry can go!

I'm exciting to tell all of you about products that I've tried out, hauls, fashion posts and basically everything. I've been reading so many blogs and watching so many people on youtube religiously at night that I decided maybe its time to try this whole beauty blogging thing out for myself!

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