Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Electric Haze Tanning Lotion

I have recently started tanning again... Mostly because it is now summer here in Calgary - or as close to summer as we get and I needed some colour. This meant I needed a new lotion, so here we are with the Electric Haze Lotion by Hippie.

I have to admit I was skeptical when trying this out because anytime I have used a tanning lotion with a bronzer in it, I have turned orange (no one likes a oompaloompa) the employee at my tanning salon assured me that this lotion would not do that and he was right! The lotion states on the bottle that it has anti aging and skin firming properties, I'm not sure if I have noticed my skin being firmer in the past few weeks, so I am not fully sure if it is firming or not.  What I find is really great about this product is the fact it keeps you tanning for 4 hours after you leave the bed, that's a real plus for me because my skin doesn't tan quickly, so the extra time that the lotion keeps working is a plus for me.  This doesn't have a strong tanning lotion smell which is nice, but it does still smell a little like you have just been in the tanning bed. Overall I do like this lotion even though it is a little pricey, but for people like me who want to get real dark real fast it works like a charm. 

The lotion retails for about 100$ at Fabutan where I purchased it, so it is a little more pricey but I find it totally worth the price! 

Stay beautiful girls, xo

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