Thursday, 21 April 2016

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I've noticed when I get stressed, something like I am currently.. I focus on everything negative that pops into my lovely brain. So that led me to doing this tag, thinking of 50 things that makes me happy is just about the hardest thing I have done all day. As much as this post will give you guys a little bit of an insight into who I am, this will also really help me get out of the negative and anxious rut that I am in. Focusing on the positive things in life rather than the negative is something that I have to do more of so why not start now.

1. My family, they are a group of people who will love my unconditionally regardless of what I do in life, and nothing can change the support that gives me. 
2. My friends, they are the family that I chose, and I cannot imagine how my life would be, or where I would be without them and their support. 
3. Being a hairstylist, making people happy in turn makes me happy. 
4. Cooking
5. A good book, that I can't stop reading.
6. Essential oils, my mom works for Young Living Oils so she always sends some my way that she thinks will help me. I swear they have made a very big difference in my life for the better. 
7. Scented candles.
8. Having a clean house.
9. New makeup.
10. Snowboarding

11. My little Yorkie Dakota, he lives at my moms because I can't have pets in my house but he's my little fur baby and I have had him for almost twelve years.
12. Road trips.
13. Coffee
14. Having my days organized, thank goodness for my planner.
15. Fall, its my favourite season. 
16. My grandparents.
17. Nail polish.
18. Relaxing days off.
19. Music.
20. Taking long baths.

21. Christmas.
22. Sleep.
23. Going for evening walks.
24. Good hair days, they can be few and far between but I cherish them.
25. Going shopping when I have the extra money to spend on myself.
26. Making people feel better when they are going through a hard time. 
27. My blog.
28. Falling asleep to the sound of rain. 
29. The smell of fresh laundry.
30. Clean bed sheets. 

31. Breakfast and bowling Sundays.
32. Pamper days. 
33. Reorganizing and redecorating my room.
34. Hugs 
35. Overcast days.
36. Memories.
37. The smell of freshly cut grass.
38. Girls nights.
39. Sleeping in.
40. Inspirtational quotes. 

41. Living so close to the mountains. 
42. Camping.
43. Nature.
44. Popcorn.
45. Breakfast for dinner.
46. HGTV
47. The sound of the ocean.
48. Pajama days.
49. Laughing until I cry.
50. Penguins.

So now that I've made it through all 50 of those facts, I hope you guys have learned a little bit about me, and I now tag all of you guys who read this to do this tag as well, its a hard one but totally worth it in the end!

xo Christina.

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