Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hair Care Holy Grails

In the past year and a half my hair has been through hell and back, for lack of a better explanation... From red to platinum blonde, to violet, back to red and now fuschia. In order to keep up with these hair colour changes, I need a good hair routine. Oh did I mention on top being a handful of different hair colours in the last 18 months... I also have a weave. Yes, my hair is high maintainence, these are the products that work for my hair, they may not necessarily work the same for you as they do for me, but I hope if you decide to try out any of these products that you love them as much as I do!

Devacurl Deva Care No Poo - When I first started using this product, I didn't believe it would actually clean my hair, I mean how does a product that does not lather get the hair clean, I was pleasantly surprised. Since using this my hair has become much healthier, and shinier, my extensions have also become more manageable.. because this doesn't lather my colour lasts longer and the braids for my weave don't get loose from scrubbing my hair to create a shampoo lather. I will never go back to traditional shampoo at this point. 
Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner - Moroccan Oil products are a staple in my haircare. This conditioner helps to repair the damage I have caused my hair and the only conditioner I will use now. Its very moisturizing and my hair needs the extra moisture and repair in its life.    

AG Keratin Repair Reconstructing Mask - This mask smells amazing, kind of like cream cheese icing. It works wonders on my hair making it feel fantastic. I use this every second time I wash my hair because I only wash my hair once a week, so I do this every two weeks. I would use it once a week if I washed my hair more often but it is not needed every time I wash my hair. Anyone with damaged hair should try this product out!

Moroccan Oil Treatment - I use this in my hair when it is wet and dry, this oil moisturizes my hair, helps with the frizz that my extensions can get and gives my hair some extra shine.
Joico Ironclad - I love this thermal protectant for my flat iron and curling iron, I like this because it is a aerosol and not a spritz pump. I find it drys super quick and you cannot feel it in the hair after it has been used. Thermal sprays are a must when heat styling.
Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender - This is my go to dry shampoo, it absorbs all the oil in my hair and makes it look freshly washed even when my hair hasn't been washed in a week, and that in my books makes this a holy grail product for me!

If there is any other products you guys think I should try let me know

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