Thursday, 23 October 2014

Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hello lovelys,

So I thought considering this is my first beauty blog, I should probably introduce myself; my name is Christina and I'm from Calgary, Canada.

I am a hairstylist currently and hoping to go to Blanche Macdonald for makeup next summer but right now I enjoy playing around with makeup and trying new products and all that jazz. The fashion and beauty industry has always been so interesting to me and starting out with hair dressing has made me realize all the places this industry can go!

I'm exciting to tell all of you about products that I've tried out, hauls, fashion posts and basically everything. I've been reading so many blogs and watching so many people on youtube religiously at night that I decided maybe its time to try this whole beauty blogging thing out for myself!

twitter: christinabxo
instagram: xxotink


1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the beauty blogging world hun xx

    Nicole xo