Sunday, 8 March 2015

Product of the Week | Review

Hey ladies,

So this week my favourite product has to be the Makeup Forever Sens'Eyes makeup remover. 

(Photo taken from Google) 

I got this product for Christmas this year and never really started using it until now, because I was working through other makeup removers. But this is amazing stuff. It is a lotion as opposed to a gel or liquid which I really like, it's also made for sensitive skin but takes off even the most stubborn waterproof or smudge proof makeup. It also doesn't really have a scent. The fact that this product can remove all my makeup and not irritate my skin is beautiful! 

To use this product I just put it on a cotton pad and the swipe it over my eyes as needed. I usually use one pump twice on each eye and that takes it all off, and then I wash my face as usual afterwards. 

At Sephora in Canada this product retails for 10$ for the travel size (1.01oz) and 24$ for the full size (3.38oz) which is not bad considering it lasts forever! 

I hope all you ladies have had a good week


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