Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Product of the Week | Review

Hello lovely ladies,

So for this weeks Product of the Week, I have decided the Wet Brush needs to be in the spotlight. 
 Since I got my weave back in (lol) I needed something to brush my hair that would work well with my extensions so that there is not a lot of tugging or anything like that.

This brush is a little piece of heaven. It is a brush that's designed for "wet" hair because they bristles are very moveable and not too firm so it detangles easier that way. I honestly use it for wet and dry hair because it glides over all my tracks so seamlessly and doesn't rip my extensions out like a lot of brushes can! 

Anyone who has really thick hair, curly hair or basically any hair that is hard to handle needs one of these brushes in their lives! 

Also they retail for about 16$ in Canada :) 


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