Thursday, 5 February 2015

Product Of The Week | Review

Hey ladies,

So I'm going to start doing a product of the week, which I will post every Thursday or Friday. 

This weeks product of the week is the new Loreal Infaliable Makeup Extender Setting Spray. 

I recently bought this from Target for $11.99 - after hearing so many people on YouTube like @thataylaa rave about it,I decided I needed to try it for myself and it's just as wonderful as I have heard. I usually use the Urban Decay Deslick 
Setting Spray and I find this one very comparable to it but with a nicer price tag!

For anyone who loves the Urban Decay Setting Sprays I completely recommend this one as an alternative. 

I hope you ladies are having a good week and I'll have another new post up soon. 


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