Thursday, 27 November 2014

Winter Morning Routine | Get Ready With Me

Hey loves, 

So I'm going to give you my morning routine for the winter months.. This will also have my skincare routine in it as well, kinda like killing two birds with one stone. 

When my alarms goes off the first thing I do is pray I can still sleep more, but after Hope is lost I check my phone to see who tried to talk to me over night and I check my Instagram, Twitter and facebook. After that I begin my day. 

I always try to have breakfast in the morning, if I don't have time then I make a smoothie like breakfast drink and that usually tides me over until I have lunch. 

After I have breakfast I wash my face and brush my teeth, all that fun stuff. I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser for face wash, Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astrigent for my toner, and Amorepacific Moisture Bond Refreshing Hydra-gel for my facial moisturizer and the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eyecream for under my eyes. 

Once I'm done my skincare routine its time to put my makeup on, I usually change up what I wear on my face but a big staple for me is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette and the Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation, they smell like chocolate who wouldn't enjoy that! 

The last thing I do for getting ready is get dressed. Since winter has started I've been loving big knit scarves, and basically anything that is knitted because I love being comfy. I'll either wear jeans and a basic t shirt with a big scarf, or leggings with a knit sweater and then a basic scarf that isn't knit. With every outfit I will usually wear a scarf for the next 6 months. Winter in Canada is fun! 

And the very last thing I do before I leave my house is pack my lunch for work. Most of the time it's just leftovers from whatever I made for dinner the night before. So my lunch tomorrow will be chicken tacos, they are so tastey. 

And then I'm off to work for the day! 


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