Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lets Talk About Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner

After almost two months of vacations and life happening I am back with more ideas and blog posts to share with you all.... So today were going to talk about a few products I am very passionate about using and those are dry shampoo and dry conditioner.

Pureology has created a Fresh Approach division of their haircare line, which consists of a dry shampoo and a dry conditioner that I am in love with, even though they do have quite a high price point- but they are totally worth it. 

Dry Shampoo
This product is very lightweight which is partially why I like it so much, I have very fine hair and because of that I find a lot of dry shampoos are too heavy, or leave too much residue on my hair (I'm pointing at you Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo) 
According to Pureology this dry shampoo is-
- Free of sulphates, parabens and mineral oil 
- It contains pure minerals like Obsidian and Smithsonite to cleanse and refresh the hair
- Going to improve the longevity of your hair colour with a mixture of antioxidants and minerals that are part of the Pureology AntiFade Complex.
The only thing I do not particularly like about this product is the scent, I find it very overwhelming to the point that I need the fan on in my bathroom when I use this because it is such a potent smell.

Dry Conditioner
Dry conditioner is a product not a lot of lines have brought in yet but it is completely worth it.  I used to find that when I used dry shampoo my ends always felt dry and terrible but with using a dry conditioner my ends feel amazing everyday. This product also does not leave any residue on your hair as long as you brush it through. 
According to Pureology this dry conditioner is-
- Free of parabens and mineral oil 
-Contains orange oil to condition, nourish and add shine to the hair. 
- Contains pure minerals Obsidian and Smithsonite to refresh and cleanse the hair. 
- Contains Pureology's AntiFade Complex to extend the life of colour vibrancy by using a mixture of minerals and antioxidants.
The dry conditioner I find has the same scent problem of the dry shampoo with it being very overwhelming, but I continue to use both these products because I like them so much.

Until next time my beauties

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