Thursday, 23 April 2015

20 Small Things to Appreciate In Life | Lifestyle

 Hello lovely ladies, 

I have been experiencing  the worlds worst writers block these past few weeks.. I have been moving and more stressed out than ever. I hope that now being in my new house and somewhat settled my writers block will subside a little bit, I really hope so. It's hard running a blog which is based on creativity when you have none - but I have not forgotten about you guys. 

Anyways the post I am going to do today is about a few little things I have learnt to appreciate more in life over these past few weeks, so here we go 

1. The fact that spring is here in Canada and I can leave my house without freezing 
2. My new roommate and the support I get from him. 
3. The ladies I work with, I have one of the best groups of girls and they make everyday a little easier especially with the rut I have been in these past few weeks 
4. Having food in our house 
5. Going for a walk and for lack of a better sentence, smelling the flowers 
6. My family, blood related and loyalty related
7. Being in a career I love and wanting to go to work everyday. 
8. Music, we have artists all over the world who work their asses off to give us the music we listen to everyday 
9. Having a roof over my head and a bed on my floor 
10. My mom 
11. Learning from my past mistakes 
12. Books, reading is a way to escape and bring yourself to a different reality for a few hours
13.waking up every morning in good health 
14. Nature 
15. My bad days because they make my good days seem that much better 
16. Smiles, smiling at someone you walk past can brighten their day, because you don't know what has happened to them before you met eyes and smiled at them. That one smile may change the outlook of their day. 
17. Good memories because they outweigh the bad ones and give you a reason to smile. 
18. A good nights sleep 
19. My boyfriend, he keeps me on track and makes sure I've eaten and slept each day. 
20. For being here today to write this post. 

Let me know what you ladies are thankful for each day. 

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